Be strong, you who hope in the Lord

Who does our strength come from? Doesn’t it come from the mighty hand of God? God is the one who helps us every day, He is our guide and refuge.

Let’s trust in the Lord, because God is the one who extends His hand so that we can continue, your efforts are not in vain, because soon that reward that you wait so long will be delivered to you in the time that the Lord determines, just believe, trust and move on in the name of the Lord.

Do not stop, listen to the voice of God that says: “My son, be strong and move on, do not stop because I am Your God who opens paths, who removes the stumbling blocks so that you can pass along the way”.

Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.

Psalm 31:24 (KJV)

The Lord Himself commands us not to stop, because all those who wait for the Lord must ask Almighty God for new strength, serve the Lord with all their hearts. A humbled heart, ready to obey God.

We are not alone, if He said “be strong”, it is because He walked hand in hand with you. God is faithful to His promise, He commands our hearts to take breath, because we know that this effort is great and dangerous, but if God is with you, who is against you? He will knock down everything in your way, everything that wants to stop you from trying.

Praise the Lord, wait on Him, do not let discouragement collapse your efforts in the Lord. God is in heaven and He watches your efforts.

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