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Let’s go out to Jesus like Zacchaeus

The Bible has many stories that can excite us, increase our faith and let us know what our legacy really is. When we see those New Testament stories like the centurion, the man with the dry hand, etc., we really reflect a lot. Today we will talk a little about Zacchaeus, how this man came […]

Your love sustains us and enlightens us

The love of God is great in our lives, since that love that comes from the Father makes us different and enlightens our spirit every day.

Wall of protection is God in your life

When we look around, we see very high mountains that when we see them we are amazed by the beautiful work done by the hands of God, but not only that we are astonished, but that God’s protection of our lives is much higher than these mountains.

Under God’s direction, we move on

Walking under the powerful direction of God would help us a lot, since if we are walking under the Holy Direction of our Lord we can move forward in everything we do.

God is restoration and shelter in your difficulties

God is our shelter and strength. The above statement is a great truth. Through all the critical moments that come into our lives, He is always present and helps us.

In the Lord you find peace and restoration

Sometimes we do not want to recognize that without God we are nothing, people believe that without God’s help they can survive, but it is not so, God is the one who can do everything, we cannot with our own strength.

It is a privilege to be persecuted for the cause of Christ

It is more than a privilege when we suffer for Christ, but do not faint because God has promised to help us to the end.

In your Presence there is fullness of joy

There will always be fullness of joy in our Lord, every time we approach Him, as long as we leave everything to be in that beautiful Presence that will give us peace.

Let the weak say, I am strong

I recall an incident from several years ago during an activity where the person leading said, “If you’re weak, this isn’t the place for you; you can leave.” I was struck by these words, feeling a sense of indignation at the arrogance displayed by those who believe they are strong while labeling others as weak.

Our joy comes from the Lord

Our joy only comes from God who knows every spiritual and physical need in us, only He is the one who can sustain us in any circumstance.