Guide me on the eternal path

The Word of the Lord is the one that guides us day after day, helps us to understand all the things that come and that are difficult in our lives. That is why, in the midst of all difficulties, God gives us the wisdom and understanding to face the situation presented.

His Word must be embedded in each of our hearts, it is important to have His Word because He left it for us to walk the right path. God is always in control of our walk, but we as His children and faithful followers, we must bear in mind that we must prostrate ourselves well before God and ask Him to help us and that if our paths come or want to be twisted, He will help us to straighten them.

Psalm 139 tells us how wonderful and godly God is with us, and that He helps us regardless of the situation we are going through. God is always there to help us.

We find a powerful verse from an author who was always looking for a way to humble himself before God, this man always had words of truth, words of honor towards God, he put His majesty on high, recognized the glory of God, made everything people, tribe and nation give glory and praise, praising the greatness of God.

And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

Psalm 139:24

The author of this psalm talks about his walk before God, being sincere before God, since he asks God for help so that if one day his way turns, He will help him to straighten it, that He will cover him up from any perversity that would want to pass in front of Him.

So, like this man, let us go before God, let us ask God that if our thoughts or our ways want to be diverted from salvation, let us ask God for help and He will come and help us.


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