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I will praise God for His mercy

This, His great mercy is what you have always sustained us, from day to day we have seen the hand of God work in a powerful way, from ancient times to the present time, because God does not change, He remains the same.

Who is this King of glory? The Lord is the King of Glory

Who is this King of glory? The author of Psalm 24 asks a good question and at the same time answers: The Lord of hosts, He is the King of glory. Yes brothers, this is our King and he has never lost a battle. It is because He is the God of all creation. This […]

The glory of God will be manifested in us, and our mouths will sing praises

The glory of God refers to the beauty of the Spirit of God, but we are not talking about a physical beauty, we are talking about that beauty that comes from the character of our Beloved Creator and Savior, a beauty that reflects what He is. When that beauty, when His character is manifested in […]

Answer me soon, O Lord, because my spirit faints

Psalm 143: 7 tells us of a man who asked God to be delivered from his adversaries, from those who persecuted him every day to destroy his life.

Blessed are we because we suffer for our Lord

Let us not lose heart because Christ will come, but not only will He come but He has something reserved for all His children, let us resist the Lord, ask for strength from Him, let us not look at the things that the enemy offers us so that we may come out of God’s purpose, […]

Turn on your light, the light of Christ, so that others can see it

Your light must always be in the highest position, this light is the light of Christ, because when we are in His Word we are illuminated by it, and in the middle of the darkness it is turned on so that we can see, Christ is our light in the middle out of the darkness.

I opened my heart Lord, come and dwell in it and I will be different

Oh Jesus, I come before You, help me, I know that I am a sinner but I need You. I know that You can heal my heart and you can restore my life completely, You are the God of my salvation.

Guide me on the eternal path

The Word of the Lord is the one that guides us day after day, helps us to understand all the things that come and that are difficult in our lives. That is why, in the midst of all difficulties, God gives us the wisdom and understanding to face the situation presented.

Spiritual food

As believers, our spiritual food is the Word of God, comprised of 66 books essential for knowing Him. There is no substitute for the Word of God.

O Lord, do not be far from me

At times, we feel alone and abandoned, but God is always with us, covering and protecting us from our adversaries.