If you are fair, practice justice just as the Lord does with you

Being fair to others is what the Bible tells us to do, because this will be right before the eyes of God. The Lord is pleased with people who practice justice with their neighbors.

I say this because many like to be fair to them, but when they have to do something for others, they do it to be seen, to seek fame, others do it in a good way, because it is the right thing, because if God does it with you, so why don’t you do it with your neighbor.

The mercies of God are endless with those who also know how to do mercy with others. Let’s not forget that God is in heaven. He sees us day after day, sees what we are doing, where we step, what injustice we are committing.

Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.

Luke 6:36

This is what the Lord commands us to do the same as He does with us, we should not expect to receive the best when we give our neighbors the worst. Let’s act with kindness as our Father. This verse from the Gospel of John makes it very clear to us what we should do as children of God.

These words are not spoken by anyone, it is God the sovereign, the owner of mercy, the One who is kind and who loves everyone who does good.

Do you think that if you do not do good to those who need it, you will receive the good of God? Well, no, because you are not fulfilling each one of the things that God has given you, and that is why we, like Him, must practice mercy. If He is God and is far above us, then who are we not to do?

If we want to receive the best of God, then let’s do good with others, helping in everything we can, taking the example of being merciful.


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