In God’s hands

Why is it important to say “in the hands of God”? Because in God’s hands we are more than sure, because without Him we are nothing, only He can help us in the midst of the crisis we are going through.

We should only be in His hands, not only we but everything we have and are, because He is our God. We must trust and believe that He will keep us more than safe.

Sometimes people get confused in saying that they are in the hands of God, but something that we should be clear about is that if we are not in His ways, then we are not sure, because we have someone who persecutes us day by day, that has many people far from the hands of God.

Arise, O Lord; O God, lift up thine hand: forget not the humble.

Psalm 10:12

Let us remember something very important, is that our God does not forget the poor, He is always attentive to our crying, because what would we do if He were not attentive? We would die, but we have a great and kind God whose mercies surround us day after day and for this reason we do not perish.

This is why we see this plea because it was very difficult for the poor of antiquity, where there were many rich people who abused others, because they had them at least.

In the verse we quoted above we can believe that God had forgotten the poor, but it was not so. Sometimes God allows people to pass certain processes so that they understand that God’s purpose is great with each of them, and that is why we see this supplication.

God’s hands are always and will be willing to help His children, but we also know that if we seek God we will find Him. Far from Him we will not be sure, but if we are closer and closer to Him, then His hands will also help us.

Let’s be wise, cry out to Him, let’s not think about what the answer may take, just wait because God is faithful and his purpose will be fulfilled in you when He believes it is time. If you intend to faint, just wait for God to come to You with His shield to give you that security your life needs.


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  1. I enjoy reading God’s words everyday because I can’t live with out God words the the Bible.Because he my everything Start my days with almighty God everyday Hallelujah Amen always praying everyday

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