Prayer answered: God your helper

When we talk about a prayer answered, we mean that the time came when God answered your prayer, you did not despair, that no matter how much you suffered God heard you.

We can also see the example of many people who have spent many years praying to God, placing requests for something they need in their lives. But everything comes to its time.

The needs that people have, lead them to despair take the first place, but something we must keep in mind is that, God is never late, but neither will he answer you at the moment you are asking. He will respond in His moment and under His will. Everything has its time.

Let us keep something in mind, we cannot deposit only our needs before God, but first of all the main thing is to say “oh, Lord before You I am, strengthen my spirit and give me new strength to be able to withstand the trials and be able to wait for Your response”.

That is why in the book of Psalms we find a verse that tells us what we should do in the face of all these difficulties. Says the following:

He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.

Psalm 91:15

God is speaking to the author of this book, for it clearly tells him that He will respond when He is invoked, that is, God will answer our cries, so first of all we must seek His power and His presence.

About the difficulties, God will answer your prayer at the right time, for that we must be prepared. But be sure: God will answer your prayer.

So, God is willing to answer your prayer, no matter how old you are, prayers have no expiration before God. God will answer you and help you in your most difficult time. Believe it and it will be, you just have to wait on Him.


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