The captain of salvation

Everything in existence has a beginning, except for God, who is eternal and without beginning or end. He stands outside the realm of time and space, encompassing all things with His everlasting presence. However, every other aspect of life originates from a specific source or author. For instance, the earth itself was formed by a divine hand, while sin entered the world through Adam’s actions, becoming the root of human disobedience.

Yet, salvation, the deliverance from sin and its consequences, has its source in a different author altogether. The book of Hebrews elaborates on this, highlighting Jesus as the author of our salvation. In His divine mission, Jesus willingly took on human form, becoming lower than the angels and enduring suffering and death to bring about redemption for all humanity. This act of self-sacrifice, motivated by God’s grace, paved the way for eternal life and glory for those who believe in Him.

Salvation is uniquely tied to the name of Jesus. No other name holds the power to save mankind from sin and grant eternal life. Our Lord’s journey to provide us with salvation was fraught with challenges, including ailments, contempt, and persecution, ultimately culminating in His sacrificial death.

Beloved brethren, let us not be misled into believing that salvation can be found elsewhere. It is only through Christ Jesus that true salvation and eternal life are attained. Therefore, let us exalt and honor the One who humbled Himself for our sake, ascending to glory and sitting enthroned as our Savior and Redeemer.


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